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Luxury fitness Spa


Fit Couple

NO Needles, NO Knives...
It's Lissentially Natural Body Sculpting

Lissential Body Bar and Lounge specializes in holistic, organic body contouring, providing non-surgical aesthetic services in a luxury spa environment. Our procedures enhance the results of diet and exercise, targeting fat and tightening skin for better, faster results. 

The LISSENTIAL Difference

"How do I know which service is best for me or if its even working?"


Great Question!

At Lissential, we don't just stick you on a 'one-size fits all' contouring machine until the time runs out.


Your journey starts with a consultation! We will do a full 3D body scan to learn more about you. Then, discuss your body goals. From there, our practitioners will design a unique treatment plan customized just for you! We will monitor your progress every step of the way while delivering superior service!

Skin Texture


We are looking to partner with personal trainers, fitness influencers, boutique gyms, and weight loss clinics.

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